Aurelio Valcárcel, Fiction & Entertainment production director of Imagen TV

Imagen TV: We’re betting on Moses and the Ten Commandments as a way of offering new contents
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|01 de diciembre de 2016

Imagen Television introduced its new mega production Moses and the Ten Commandments produced by Brazil´s Rede Record, to be released on December 12 at 7pm in channel 3.

Adriana Ibáñez, Content and Programming advisor at Imagen TV said that bringing along these type of programs – biblical- is part of the programming strategy developed by the channel together with its image change.

“We were concern of offering this type of stories, it was a risk we took and it was worth it” he said.

Aurelio Valcárcel, Fiction & Entertainment production director of the station explained that the story is related to current events, but presented by biblical figures, “all of them carry a particular message that take viewers to feel different emotions.”

The show was filmed in a 240,000 square meters’ complex -he said-, while the palace built is 14 meters high, which means high production costs.

The story was partially filmed at the Atacama Desert of Chile. It encompasses 100 years of history and tells the story of Moses from his birth to the arrival of his people to the Promise Land, including the journey through the Red Sea and the encounter with God in the Sinai Mountain.