Óscar López, executive VP at Imagina US

Imagina US and Argos Comunicación sign co-development and production agreement for the series Habeas Corpus and Lord of Money

18 de octubre de 2016

Imagina US and Argos Comunicación have signed an agreement for the co-development and production of two series that they will be presenting at MIPCOM 2016.

The first series, named Habeas Corpus, tells the story of a group of forensic doctors that arrive in Mexico from different countries in Latin America to investigate the repeated disappearances of people.

Lord of Money is a series based in the life of Ramon Milián Rodríguez, a former CIA agent, who from his office as an accountant in Miami, became a key player in Pablo Escobar’s money laundering worldwide scheme. With the brilliant mind of a killer sociopath, he was able to create cases as well known as the Iran-Contras scandal, the fight against communism in Latin America and the fall of Manuel Antonio Noriega in Panama. After serving a 25-year prison term, he has come forward to tell the story on his own terms.

“We are evolving in new ways in the production of content and the search for stories, as well as strategic partnerships. We have found a great ally in Argos, a production company with a proven track record in the market who shares our vision of quality, impact and the treatment of incredible stories,” said Óscar López, EVP of Imagina US.

“This is the first step in the partnership of two companies that understand that audiences are changing and looking for innovative content. Imagina US and Argos have been producing fiction for years; our goal is to produce these two series first and continue with additional products in the international market. We will continue producing more stories that will stand out for their high quality billing and innovative and controversial attributes,” commented Epigmenio Ibarra, president of Argos.