Irantzu Díez Gamboa is the new president of Imagina US

Imagina US appointed Irantzu Díez Gamboa as president, promoted Óscar López to executive VP and renewed several soccer agreements

31 de marzo de 2016

Imagina US announced changes in its board of directors, as well as new business agreements, in the aim to head towards a successful 2016. The company designated Irantzu Díez Gamboa as president. Until now, she had held the position of general director of Grupo Globomedia in Spain, and designated Óscar López executive VP. He has worked in Imagina US since 2012 as Overon CEO. Díez-Gamboa and López are entrusted with the task of leading the company to a renovation and profitable growth. The company has also strengthened its relationships with the soccer federations of Guatemala (Fedefut), El Salvador (Fesfut) and Honduras (Fenafuth). The board of Imagina US recently met with representatives from these federations in order to renew the TV rights agreements for the qualifying games for the FIFA 2018 and 2022 World Cup. The approval of these agreements marks the company's bet on sports rights. “The values of our company and our passion for the audiovisual industry and sports are stronger than ever. It all indicates that our message as a renewed company has been well received”, stated Díez Gamboa. “The signing of these agreements is a great step forward. We have all the support from the federations and their new leaders and are going to strengthen these relations while we progress towards the World Cup”, expressed López.