Juan Pablo Santos, Senior Vice President of Content & Business Development of Imagina US

Imagina US: We had our debut in original children’s content production with Sonia y los Trabubus
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de febrero de 2018

Mediapro and Imagina US participate for the first time in Kidscreen Summit Miami presenting original children’s content projects. One of them is Sonia y Los Trabubus, made with the partners of Imagina US in Nueva York, HITN.

“We had already been in content for teenagers in Colombia with products such as Yo Soy Franky, Chica Vampiro and another product coming soon, called N00bies. Sonia y Los Trabubus is a preschool Project designed to educate children in science,” explains Juan Pablo Santos, Senior Content and Development VP at Negocios de Imagina US.

Santos mentioned that each episode of Sonia y Los Trabubus is 11-minutes long and is comprised of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Math) story, a music video, and a comedy sketch.

The show is thought for 52 episodes. All the music is original by the singer and artist Sonia los Santos, star of the series, whom, together with Lorenzo Parro, conceived the show. It is a 360º product with transmedia elements for children ages 2 to 5 and their parents.

“We are very happy with the potential, both for open TV channels and for OTT operators, and to our surprise, also for advertisers, because in Latin America and in the US there is a great need for children to learn science from a young age,” he adds.

Santos highlighted Flipy´s Tesla! Inventemos el Futuro, first VR game fostered by STEM that was also presented in Kidscreen.