Ralph Haiek, president of the Incaa

Incaa: Agreement to foster production of premium series is possible thanks to our talent
13 de junio de 2019

The Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (National Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute), the Ministerio de Producción y Trabajo de Argentina (Argentinean Ministry of Production and Work), the Sindicato de Telecomunicaciones (Telecommunications Union), Servicios Audiovisuales, Interactivos y Datos and the Asociación Argentina de Actores signed an agreement to foster production in international OTT Platforms.

With measures such as the economic reeimbursement of the IVA (sales tax) to Argentinean production companies and other concepts, they will promote the development of investments higher than US$90 million from OTTs, incentivating the production of premium series in the country.

“This agreement is the start of a revolution for the audiovisual industry. It is possible thanks to the teamwork of all those involved and to one of our greatest capitals: Argentinean talent,” said Ralph Haiek, president of the Incaa, who recently celebrated two years in his position, stating that they are now better than any year of the past ten, which is proven with the recent incorporation of Argentina to Eurimages, the multilateral European fund, becoming the first Latin American partner now with this agreement.

The agreement, which considers the impact of new technologies and platforms, aims to strengthen this industry, that has great exporting potential, generates quality employment and drives SMEs in the sector.

The activities of Knowledge Economy are most dynamic in Argentina and between 2007 and 2017 they generated 65% more employment than the rest of the productive activities and their operations grew in the same period by 70%, compared to a general growth of 12%. Additionally, salaries are 35% higher than in the rest of the sectors. Currently, they employ 215 thousand people.