Pablo Orden from Injaus

Injaus signs with Corazón Films to produce El Juego De Las Llaves
05 de octubre de 2017

The Mexican literary agency Injaus, directed by Pablo Orden, announced the signing of an option for the script of the series El Juego De Las Llaves, with the production company Corazón Films.

El Juego De Las Llaves is an original story by Marisa Quiroga, a fiction author and university professor with a career that spans over 18 years. Injaus distributes other scripts written by her, such as the comedy Con Mis Tetas No Te Metas and the novel Mujeres Que Vuelan.

Corazón Films confirmed that, after the options process, the series will be produced for television by Elisa Salinas, Eckehard Von Damm, and Sandro Halphen. Celso García will be the director and international sales will be handled by the distribution company Alebrije Entertainment.

El Juego De Las Llaves is a magical place, created by its main characters (Amanda and Sergio), to explore the infinite possibilities of sexuality when we set out to meet with the unknown without hast nor remorse.

Injaus will be present in the next edition of Mipcom, in Octubre, represented by its president Pablo Orden, and its authorized international agent, Itoydani Corporation.