Jaime Guerra, A+E Networks: With advertisers we want to stop talking about efficiency and start talking about effectiveness

Innovating in tools that measure total audience
Marcela Tedesco|08 de octubre de 2020

A+E Networks Mexico has faced the Q2 crisis supported on three pillars: understanding and accompany each advertiser´s situation: unlearning the old way to work and learning to plan in real-time and to react rapidly and innovating in tools that can measure total audience to create solutions that generate value offers.

In terms of innovation, A+E developed some technology that measures TAP (Total Audiencia Plus) and creates a data lake that includes linear business, social networks, and programmatic. This data lake offers advertisers measurement metrics in real-time. The tool has been validated by the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

“With our advertisers, we want to stop talking about efficiencies and start talking about effectiveness. Efficiency has to do with rates, discounts, scopes. Effectiveness, on the other hand, is helping advertisers sell more" explained Jaime Guerra, SVP Advertising Sales and New Business Development in the company.

He commented, on the other hand, that the Q3 presents a recovery of the advertising sector and they have been able to get to July-August with the original numbers, and even exceed them. “We are now in the best moment to invest in television. There have been more difficult months and some that aren't as difficult. We are concerned, but above all, busy" ended Guerra.

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