Camila Jiménez, producer and partner of Inshaka Films

Inshaka Films: Betting on webseries

Jaime Quintero, Bogota|25 de abril de 2019

Inshaka Films, is an audiovisual production company with headquarters in the US and Colombia, that has been in the market for five years, making commercials and video clips.

In 2019, the production company will focus on producing web series. They are currently making Un Cuarto Para Las 4, a serie in sitcom format about four women who get together in an apartment to talk about trivial things.

Camila Jiménez, producer and partner of Inshaka Films, comments that this will be her first original web series, with which they aim to boost their YouTube channel that already has more than 66 thousand subscribers and more than 60 million views of their contents.

“We are known for creating high-quality content at affordable prices and working with our clients in such a way that they become part of our inner circle.”

Parallel to Un Cuarto Para Las 4, Inshaka Films, is developing a musical Project, one about food and a poker Project, all in web series format.

“We created this production company thinking about offering companies that don’t have large budgets the convenience they need to create quality pieces. We continue betting on this, delivering the best contents with unbeatable aesthetics,” adds Jiménez.

Together with Camila is her partner Rafael Nieto, who has a degree in Entertainment Businesses from Full Sail University, as well as certifications from Drummers Collective in New York. He has directed InShaka Films in more than 100 projects made up to now.