Beatriz Cea, Sales director for Latin America and Spain at Inter Medya

Inter Medya: Amor de Contrabando has risen Novas share points by 4.7
27 de septiembre de 2018

Turkish series increasingly reach more territories and start to be a type of content capable of raising channel ratings and shares. This is what Beatriz Cea, Sales Director for Latin America and Spain at Inter Medya, believes.

“We entered the Spanish market with Amor de Contrabando on a Nova channel (from Atresmedia) and are having 4.7 share. When they air it, ratings and share go up amazingly. Now, we just closed with Mediaset for the broadcast of Endless Love,” said the executive.

To Mipcom the distributor is taking two new Turkish drama titles, Dos Destinos y Una Promesa and Infinity, and for MipCancún it will have one more. Additionally, they will include 19 in the offer, a new entertainment format.

“We are extremely happy with the sales of La Señora Fazilet (Avsar Films) and Alas Rotas (Koliba Films). Turkish films are also working very well in Spain and Latin America through our Alliance with Tondero”. One of the most recent sales of these dramas was to Teletica in Costa Rica.