Universal Cinergía´s Gema López, Caracol TV´s Karen Juliao; Inter Medya´s Can Okan, and Beatriz Cea with Universal Cinergía´s Liliam Hernández

Inter Medya and Caracol conducted an exclusive screening of an episode of Leylifer
17 de noviembre de 2023

The co-production between Inter Medya from Turkey and Caracol Television from Colombia, Leylifer, was presented on Wednesday, November 15 at MIP Cancun, with a screening of the first episode of the series exclusively for the attendees to the event.

Executives from both companies attended this presentation: Beatriz Cea Okan and Can Okan from Inter Medya, and Karen Juliao on behalf of the team of Caracol Television. Representatives of Universal Cinergía Dubbing, a company in charge of dubbing from Turkish to Spanish of this production, were also present.

“It is an honor for us to present this new series we produced with Caracol, an alliance between Turkey and Colombia. I hope you can enjoy the immense work we have done, that you enjoy it very much, and that we can be on your screens soon” said Beatriz Cea Okan, moments before the broadcast.

In addition to the first episode of Leylifer, they also gave a preview of the other productions that the Turkish company is offering in this market, led by the second season of the series Tración, which is having great success in Turkey.

When the screening ended, PRODU had the opportunity to speak with the executives and protagonists of the event. Karen Juliao, Senior Director of International Marketing, commented: “We are very pleased with our partnership and the great work we have done with Inter Medya. Leylifer weaves together the best of two narrative powerhouses, Colombia and Turkey, in a story of great dramatic power, and with a rhythm that, as we saw tday, keeps you in awe”.

For her part, Liliam Hernández, CEO of Universal Cinergia Dubbing, expressed that it was an honor and pride to have been part of that success, both for Inter Medya and for Caracol. "I think it is going to be a super successful novela, by watching just the first episode you are totally hooked. Congratulations to everyone. I am sure that in six months this will be on all the international television stations and around the world”.
Images of the presentation and the screening were captured EN VIVO by Richard Izarra, founder and Editor-in-Chief at PRODU.

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