Beatriz Cea of Inter Medya: It is a unique and unpublished product that has caught the attention throughout Latin America

Inter Medya: WAPA, Teletica, Latina, Canal Uno, TeleFuturo, Red Uno and six other channels will be part of El Poder del Amor
16 de julio de 2021

WAPA TV from Puerto Rico, TCS from El Salvador, Channel 11 from Honduras, Teletica from Costa Rica, Latina from Peru, Ecuavisa from Ecuador, Canal Uno from Colombia, TVN from Panama, Red Uno from Bolivia, TeleFuturo from Paraguay, and the production company Acun Medya, who bought the rights for Mexico and the US Hispanic, are the 12 countries and television stations that will be part of El Poder del Amor (The Power of Love), a reality show that Inter Medya and Production House (creator of the format) are producing from Istanbul.

Beatriz Cea, VP, and Head of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya, said that it is a unique and unpublished product that has caught the attention throughout Latin America. In fact, it had been designed to develop with nine countries but, given the demand, they added 12. “Most likely, next season there will be another three countries in the region that could not be part of the show this time because we had to make the decision quickly to be able to go on the air as soon as possible.”

El Poder del Amor is a reality show in which 12 women and 12 men from the aforementioned countries will travel to Istanbul to find love in the land of telenovelas and win a cash prize. All of them will live together for eight hours a day in a luxurious house specially built for the reality show and, in addition, they will live their romances in the beautiful locations of Istanbul, typical of Turkish dramas.

The stations are doing the castings and will then send the contestants to Istanbul, where the production teams from Inter Medya and Production House will take care of the production with the help of translators and also Spanish-speaking editors.

The production companies will distribute to the channels the product ready to be broadcast the same day (although at different times). "It was a great challenge to make it possible for all channels to premiere simultaneously, but it is necessary to beat social networks."

El Poder del Amor has already been produced in Turkey, Romania, and Greece, but it is the first time that it brings together several networks. "In addition to the number of channels, this project is very important because, at a time when the pandemic has restricted productions, the channels can have a reality show and from Istanbul, from the same locations seen in Turkish novels," Cea pointed out.