El Poder del Amor is a reality and a social experiment based on men and women relationships from 12 countries in the region, including US

Inter Medya will produce reality El Poder del Amor for LatAm from Istanbul
09 de julio de 2021

Inter Medya will produce in Istanbul and for Latin America the dating reality El Poder del Amor, together with the creators of the format, Production House. The production will bring together 12 countries in the region in the same program and will be broadcast seven days a week in the 12 territories at the same time.

El Poder del Amor is a reality show and a social experiment based on men and women relationships from Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the US. The couples will spend eight hours a day together in the specially designed and built Power of Love home in Istanbul. It is a house full of cameras, where contestants who are looking for the love of their lives, make their feelings known and their own real telenovelas.

Participants will compete to find love and also for a prize in money. Each week, one person will win a prize and another will be dismissed from the program. New contestants will be taking their place, which can shake the balance of the house.

Power of Love busted audience ratings in every country where it has been broadcast so far. Love, jealousy, excitement, anguish, romance, lies, revenge, happiness will be experienced in the House of Power of Love.