Peter Nadermann from Nadcon and Roy Ashton from The Gersh Agency

International guests of Fiction Factory in Ventana Sur had a full-room audience

Marcela Tedesco|03 de enero de 2019

Fiction Factory —in the context of Ventana Sur 2018 in Buenos Aires— had two international guests that spoke about pitching and co-production in front of a full-room audience: Roy Ashton from The Gersh Agency and Peter Nadermann from Nadcon.

Nadermann —who took the Scandinavian thrillers (including The Killing and The Bridge) to television and the trilogy Millennium for cinema— commented that, although the co-production increases budgets for stronger productions, he was never interested in co-productions that are solely financial models.

He highlighted that what he is seeking in a co-production is content, style, influence and money. I recommend producers to trust their ideas, to do the job of researching the market and having a local structure before presenting the project to potential co-productions.

“Countries such as France, Spain and also Germany are open to co-produce, it is not an easy road but there are possibilities," he said.

Ashton contributed a series of tips to present ideas to US executives. He assured it is vital for writers and producers to have a global perception and a personal connection with the material. He also highlighted the importance of the cast in the whole project.

Regarding trends, Nadermann commented that crime series are starting to wear out and family dramas are reviving. Ashton mentioned three trends: family dramas (such as This Is Us), stories focused on women (like The Handmaid´s Tale) and diversity.