Fidela Navarro from Dopamine on #PRODUprimetime: But the bar of investments in projects does not rise and we must all push it

International standards are becoming increasingly demanding
05 de marzo de 2021

“When we make original projects for platforms, international standards are becoming increasingly demanding. However, investments in Latin America are far behind those requirements. The bar always rises, but not investment in the projects," expressed Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra.

“We must have a huge previous financial muscle and great strength and intelligence in all the aspects of the production of a series to be able to fulfill these increasingly high demands. It is necessary to have not only creators and producers but also loyal financiers and teams to keep the rhythm," she added.

To level the investment with that of other markets, she explained: "Is something that we as a community of Latin American producers must continue driving forward. We are all reaching the quality and the result of our series, but we must go faster and find the same opportunities and investments other territories have. The key is there, and I think we are going to achieve it step by step and all together. Here at Dopamine, we are gradually reaching this goal and feel the progress that has been built on the foundation of trust with all our partners".

In the conversation, Fidela covered several topics. Regarding what they are currently doing, she pointed out: "We are already at the writing table for the adaptation of Superstore with our NBC partner. We are also experimenting with the shooting of Bunker for WarnerMedia and HBO. We started it in the pandemic cycle and it has been a very positive and interesting experience, applying the protocols and everything it means to produce this way convinced us that we have to move forward as the entire industry does. We are also very close to sharing the trailer of Close To Me, the first co-production in English. Likewise, we are working on a beautiful Canadian project, with a huge Mexican heart; and preparing other projects we will later share".

Regarding her bosses, she stated: “Ricardo and Benjamin have not only given me their trust and all the financial support, but also all the freedom of action in every sense: creative, regarding decision-making, financial, legal; it is absolute freedom, and that is something the entire team notices and values when it is time to work. Benjamín is clear about what he wants to do and where he wants to go; he understands this industry and the creative processes of the series very well because he was one of the pioneers. He made Drenaje Profundo, La Teniente, and it is very nice to work with him because he understands, enjoys, asks questions; he reads three times faster than you and knows what you're talking about. He is a risk-taker, he knows when to take risks, when not, and what margin he should leave. We are working everything hand in hand with him, always with a firm hand and a cold head".

“We want to be the most important player in Mexico towards the world, having that international vision and trying to find the best space in the ecosystem".

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