Moisés Aisemberg

Internet content creator Moisés Aisemberg says social networks lends ideas to classic TV

17 de julio de 2015

The young content creator, Moisés Aisemberg, a native digital Mexican, told PRODU that classic TV is taking ideas from social networks and new platforms because that is where young people´s effervescence is. Regarding the concept that new generations watch less TV and spend more time on social networks, Aisemberg, founder of the production company La Gran Royal, which generates contents exclusively for the Internet, answered that “the debate between TV versus the Internet still has a few rounds to go”, and that he, in particular, doesn't watch open nor pay TV, but he does watch series and films that are exhibited on services like Netflix. La Gran Royal made several original series for the YouTube and Google channel in Spanish, NuevOn. There was one called Colibritany about a 15-year-old Mexican girl talking about her love life, which went viral. Aisemberg is represented by The Agency in Mexico.