Michele Ravilet, Sales Director at INTI TV

INTI: Influencers are the ground wire of our channel

19 de julio de 2019

INTI celebrates five years delivering a particular content: wellbeing linked with the relation with the environment. “We promote happiness and seeking helping tools for those who are not doing so well. A connection with the environment is essential for that. What is happening on our planet is very serious, changes must be made urgently. INTI fosters holistic medicine, the option of being happy and caring for the environment commented Michele Ravilet, Sales Director at INTI TV.

One of the strategies they have used to deliver those messages is the use of influencers in their programming, which they showed during the Convergencia Show. “Education does not have to be boring. Influencers are the ground wire of our cannel,” maintained the executive, and she is backed by results: the channel reaches 12 million people in the region in the packages of Telefónica, Claro, and DIRECTV, and has projects that are about to be consolidated with Milicom and Liberty.

With 25 years in the television business, Ravilet feels that the biggest challenge new platforms pose is connectivity, which they face with their recent OTT and INTI Play app, launched in Mip TV. “Connectivity is the main thing because we are getting full of OTTs that have to improve their accessibility to avoid TV viewer´s frustration waiting for a program to load. That is why I believe the growth and consumption of this type of media are not going to be so fast. Elderly adults are a big population in Latin America, it is an audience we can talk to from linear channels”.