Jennifer Quito, INTI TV: In this last semester, we have focused on recording themes with ancestral and sustainable content

INTI TV: We launch in Spain and we are preparing an English signal for 2022
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|01 de octubre de 2021

The INTI TV signal has just been launched through the mobile phone operator Orange in Spain, which marks its debut in the European market. Soon it will also be launched in Mexico and by 2022 they will have it in English.

“In this last semester, we have focused on recording themes with ancestral and sustainable content, such as capsules, workshops, miniseries, and series. All these are original productions. We prefer filming outdoors and highlighting our categories: wellness, healing, ancestral and sustainable. Apart from making movies, now we want to stand out in producing reality shows,” said Jennifer Quito, Head of Production at INTI TV.

The first reality type product is about stories of ancestral wisdom, it is a full day chronicle, from dawn to dawn, that documents the lives of prominent leaders within the exciting universe of ancestral knowledge.

A camera crew recorded the lives of a group of men and women from sunrise to sunset to create 12 episodes of one hour each. From the top of the mountains, submerged in the deep jungle and traveling through remote deserts for 24 hours, the show presents their customs, food and cuisine, attire, the objects that surround them, their relationship with the land and the community, as well as their vision about western culture.

The second reality shows the transition of people moving from the city to live in the country. It is in pre-production and its protagonists, real people willing to change, learn how to start living in a sustainable and resilient way through the principles raised by permaculture design.