Isaac Lee appointed Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell as his right arm and Director of the News Department

Isaac Lee announced important changes to Univisión Noticias
25 de enero de 2011

Isaac Lee, President of Univisión Noticias, announced changes to his department. The first one was the appointment of Daniel Coronell as his right arm and the departure of Sylvia Rosabal, the former News Director. Lee also promoted Patsy Loris to Senior News Director. She will direct the department's day-to-day operations and will report to the newly appointed Coronell. Loris has been with the company for 22 years. Marilyn Strauss was promoted to Director of News Assignments; Ángel Matos, a 17-year veteran at Univisión, will become Director of News Operations; Solangelee Molina-Torres is now Director of Special Projects, and Lourdes Torres will also be Director of Special Projects and will be responsible for the show Aquí y ahora. Torres has worked for Univisión for 19 years and received notoriety for her coverage of the democrat and republican national conventions and the presidential debates. Coronell, a native of Colombia, has vast experience in television news and until now he was director of Noticias Uno, the national newscast of Canal Uno of Colombia. He has an impeccable reputation as a courageous and independent investigative journalist. With over 20 years in the industry, he has received many awards including the prestigious Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simón Bolívar. Coronell will be the new Director of News at Univisión with a VP rank. Rosabal had been in the company for 26 years. These changes in the news division aim to fulfill one of Lee’s goals, which is to focus more on investigative journalism.