Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President and COO at ALMA and Chair Elect at AHAA

Isaac Mizrahi From ALMA: One Of The Challenges Is To Prove There Is Value In Trusting Experts

Manuela Walfenzao / Chicago|14 de junio de 2017

Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President and COO at ALMA and Chair Elect at AHAA, explains that the agency has the same concerns as the Hispanic market in general, that were shared in the context of the Annual AHAA Conference: management, ROI, market evolution, how to be more successful with millennials or with generation Z. "So those are the same topics each agency has to align with clients' concerns and think about how to offer better services in this complex but exciting environment."

The executive points out that one of the challenges is to prove that there is value in trusting in experts, not only in agencies but in media, public relations, consulting media experts, in Hispanic multicultural marketing experts to boost businesses. "So the big challenge is to continuously hammer the idea that Hispanic marketing means growth and for this to happen, you need experts, people like the AHAA members are the experts who can help you. We can make wonderful advertising in Spanish and in English, but what we should do the most is help the business to begin with."

Regarding the acknowledgements ALMA has obtained in the latest international festivals, Mizrahi comments that they are only secondary proof that they are doing a great job for their clients, and that is what they are seeking. "We are lucky to have amazing brands that believe in us because many of these awards and acknowledgements come from projects and ideas that are a bit less conventional. They are breaking the mold somehow."