Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi of CMC: We Need to Speak With A Single Voice
22 de julio de 2019

The COO and Co-President of ALMA and President of CMC, Isaac Mizrahi, said that CMC can be defined in four key words: culture, advertising, Latinos and growth.

“CMC is of vital importance, representing as it does every sector of the industry. There is no other entity that represents us as completely as this does. We have agencies, education vehicles, media agencies and market research companies because we need to speak with a single voice, one which is ours and ours alone. That’s the tradition and philosophy of CMC,” he said.

For Mizrahi, the presence of Hispanic women as industry leaders is a product of the Latino market itself, where the strength of women is enormous. “Despite that, the importance women have in the Latino community is seldom proportionally represented and that is a big mistake. So I think the goal has always been to plan conferences that include showing off women’s true place in the market and paying sufficient attention to these highly relevant leaders,” he said.