Isabel Echeverry, Founder and President of Kontakto
Isabel Echeverry from Kontakto: The U.S. Hispanic Market Is Rich In Creativity and Projects
Manuela Walfenzao|16 de marzo de 2017

Isabel Echeverry, Founder and President of Kontakto, an LA based company, explains that the Hispanic market representation challenge "is not to be able to have presence in all the cities more often and closer to the nice people of this market. Each talent and production company is unique and does not represent competition."

“The U.S. Hispanic market is rich in creativity and abundant projects, that is why it is necessary to have a roster of Directors that are not exclusively Hispanic, but Americans and European too. You need to have the perfect director for each type of creativity direction" she emphasized. "With global resources and connections, Kontakto Reps offers a wide variety of Directors, Editors, FX, Designers, Photographers and Musicians of all sorts."

In 2017, Echeverry will be focused on promoting their roster. "We are bicultural and that is good. We will continue doing screenings in Texas, NY, Miami, and California. In June we will be in Chicago for AHAA and in October we will have the super after party of the U.S.H. Idea Awards in Miami; the annual Kontakto party that will be held in a magical and secret place.”

Kontakto Entertainment, the unit that focuses on Latino actors, plans to keep developing with strength. It already has more than 70 actors who have worked on awarded films like La La Land and Spark. The representation of Whiskey Content, in the development of TV series is another of their current actions. They are also developing a film, Haunting Beauty, based on a true story from Echeverry's life.