Isabel Echeverry, Founder and President at Kontakto
Isabel Echeverry From Kontakto: We Have Interesting Projects In Terms Of Creativity
Manuela Walfenzao|24 de julio de 2017

According to Isabel Echeverry, Founder and President at Kontakto, the balance for the first semester of 2017 has been excellent. “We are doing very well and we are very happy because we have super interesting projects in terms of creativity and with big budgets" she expressed. She celebrated the campaigns her clients have done, like Altered.LA, who has been very busy shooting big pieces.

She highlighted that they are very enthusiastic over the representation of their new client, NGL Studios and its director Ben DeJesus. “This is John Leguizamo's studio, specialized in digital branded content, specifically for the Hispanic market” she commented. “Until now, they have worked with Gallegos United, Lexus, Ford, Toma Leche, Valvoline, P&G, Amtrak and more. Now everybody is working in the digital world so I know this client has the possibility of doing wonderful things."

Kontakto Entertainment has been growing exponentially. They just closed their biggest project with the actor Julio Macías for a Netflix series. They also announced alliances with talent managers in Colombia and Mexico to promote their actors in the U.S. and vice-versa.

The President of Kontakto is venturing into film production with her movie Aura. The film is based on Echeverry's personal experience and is already in the hands of some of the most outstanding Directors in Latin America. “We are already finding investors and I can only be thankful because everything is coming out fine” she concluded.