Isabella Sánchez

Isabella Sanchez of Zubi: The greatest threats to broadcast TV are OTT and lack of evolution
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de noviembre de 2021

The 19th Annual Hispanic Television Summit began with a brief introduction by Gonzalo Del Fa, current chairman of the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) and president of Group M Multicultural, where he spoke of the direction that Hispanic TV is headed in today’s market and about the future of TV and video worldwide.

Following Del Fa was a chat between Isabella Sanchez, VP of Media Integration at Zubi Advertising, and Court Stroud, founder of The Cledor Group and The Revolution Podcast, on the subject area of Media, Advertising and Research. Sanchez noted that neither broadcast television nor cable TV is dead and emphasized that OTT (online transmission) is growing. “The magic number of how much it is growing depends on the source,” Sanchez said, while indicating that among the great threats to broadcast TV on the one hand is OTT, and on the other “the potential absence of TV evolution.”

She added that TV should keep an eye on worldwide trends. “The shortest content like, say, a series of eight episodes with renewable seasons – that is content without borders. There are so many ideas and subjects of content out there that it’s worth taking them into account. If it’s good content, people are going to watch it,” she said.

Asked about how brands are reacting to what consumers want, she said that brands want to be where the eyeballs are…Netflix, for example.

She added that ad-supported platforms are bound to grow.

Sanchez recalled that the last U.S. Census showed a growth in markets that previously did not exist and of multicultural families. “Diversity is alive. The numbers don’t lie. We’re fighting against an irrational use of metrics.”

As for the use of social network platforms, Sanchez said that clients understand their power, but ask for help in navigating that space in a way that protects brand security.

She pointed out that OTT and connected TV have the advantage of metrics that broadcast and cable TV still do not have, “but that’s OK, because the two can work together. OTT plus connected TV is better for segmentation,” she said.

Sanchez predicted that over the next two or three years there will be a tremendous growth in measuring systems. “There’s a ton of groups working on metrics to improve them really quickly. Nielsen is also changing,” she said.