Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media Group

Israeli productions gaining ground in international market
Marcela Tedesco|07 de abril de 2021

Israeli productions are gaining ground in the international market. "Israel is a unique center of content, talent and creativity, with achievements very similar to those gained in the field of high technology," said Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media Group, one of the most prominent Israeli content producers and distributors.

“Also, since Israel is a country of immigrants and with a very cosmopolitan worldview, the potential of its content to travel is greater. We have the ability to develop content having the world in mind since the culture here is western in its affiliation and the flavor is very similar to that the required by the international market,” he added.

Among the titles of Dori Media appealing to the international market is the drama Normal (8x35'), that tells the story of a young man who hits rock bottom and finds his own way to normality in a psychiatric ward. It premiered on HOT on November 4, 2020 with excellent results: it was ranked in the top 3 dramas of the network in 2020 with 17.2% share, received excellent reviews and was selected for the Geneva International Film Festival and for Series Mania International Panorama 2020.

Other dramas that stand out are Esau (4x60'), about a 40-year-old writer who returns to the family home to confront his brother who stole his love and livelihood; In treatment (45x30'), a journey through the world of psychotherapy and of five different patients in terms of treatment; and the comedy The new black (12x30'), about a group of young people who enjoy the status of yeshiva students in Orthodox society and also the joys of modern life.

Dori Media team is located in Israel, Argentina, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore, and it also produces in Latin America. In Bolivia, they produced the criminal thriller The drop (10x50'), about the great number of people who disappear every day in that country and the world of power, sex and violence that it reveals. They also produce and co-produce in Argentina and one of their titles is Las estrellas (120x60´), a romantic comedy made with Polka.