Mónica Vargas, Traziende Films: It is very dangerous to shoot in a set right now due to the pandemic

It´s risky shooting in a set
Aliana González, Mexico City|20 de marzo de 2020

According to Mónica Vargas, founding partner and general director of Production at Traziende Films, it is very dangerous to shoot in a set right now due to the pandemic generated by the COVID-19. “There is latent risk in gathering more than 100 people in a set with such a huge global contingency. I believe safety goes first,” she said, after stating that in this situation nobody must go out to shoot in locations or streets.

She commented that luckily, Traziende Films has no projects in production at the moment because they finished shooting three weeks ago and only have products in development and in post-production, whose activities can be carried out remotely.

Vargas explained that the OTTs, open TV and pay-TV are going to need contents with urgency. “This situation can be seen as an opportunity since people confined to their homes need to watch TV, so it is necessary to fill those screens,” she said, after explaining that they can use existing contents or contents that can be edited quickly, as well as focus on delivering what is currently in post-production. “We must find the way to make contents and deliveries without having to meet in a set,” said the producer.