Itatí Cantoral

Itatí Cantoral will bring Silvia Pinal to life in the series produced by Carla Estrada
21 de febrero de 2017

Carla Estrada confirmed the actress Itatí Cantoral will be the star of the biographic series she is producing on the life of Silvia Pinal, currently in the pre-production stage, with a script written by the producer and the journalist Juan José Origel.

The series for Televisa, that will have 26 episodes, will cover the most relevant moments in the life of this actress, who has a career path of more than 65 years and was the muse of film directors such as Luis Buñuel and painters like Diego Rivera.

“A long career path endorses who will finally embody the great diva Silvia Pinal,” commented Estrada on his official Twitter account, when he shared a video with a preview of the actress´ characterization.

Shootings are estimated to start at the end of March, and it will probably be on the air in mid 2017.