Pablo Orden of Injaus: We will distribute, along with Itoydani, series based on La Tregua by Mario Benedetti

Itoydani and InJaus distributing new series project
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de noviembre de 2020

In the centenary year of the birth of the writer Mario Benedetti, Itoydani Corporation owned by Daniel Rodríguez and the literary agency Injaus owned by Pablo Orden, reached an agreement to distribute the project of the series of the author´s novel La Tregua.

The series is developed by the Uruguayan production company Coral Cine and the adaptation into the TV series is under the responsibility of Marisa Quiroga (El Juego de las Llaves, Cartoneros, Don Juan y Su Bella Dama), who is part of the authors of Injaus. This new series, created by Sebastián Bednarik from Coral Cine, will be directed by César Charlone (Cidade de Deus, The Constant Gardener, The Two Popes) together with Bednarik himself. The production will be the responsibility of Andrés Varela and Bednarik, who founded Coral Cine in 2006.

Coral Cine is already in negotiations with several companies interested in the project and shootings are supposed to start in 2021.

La Tregua, written by Benedetti in 1959, is the author´s best-known work and the one that cemented his international projections. The story narrates the life of Martín Santomé, a widowed man about to retire who falls madly in love with his colleague, who is much younger than him, called Laura Avellaneda.

Itoydani and Injaus will present the project to production companies and clients from several territories in the next weeks.

“It is a good moment for a great love story. It is like an oasis in this storm we are living. I would like for it to be produced in Mexico or Europe, and if a good arrangement is reached, it would also work to do it in Uruguay where there are few cases of the virus," commented Orden.

He added that they have the rights for all the territories and even in English.
Pablo Orden, president of Injaus: It is a good moment for a great love story like La Tregua by Mario Benedetti