Mario Kreutzberger: This would be the first time I conduct virtual interviews

It's a new experience to work remotely
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de febrero de 2021

For Mario Kreutzberger, best known as Don Francisco, working remotely is a new experience, "I have participated in programs, done small interviews on Canal 13 in Chile, but this would be the first time I conduct virtual interviews. Virtuality is here to stay," he said.

He expressed that during this year he has had a very rigorous quarantine. "I have done several work-related things from home: the first virtual Chile telethon done in the world, I did a campaign to help the elderly, and I was with Marcelo Monatti all year-long writing a book titled Con Ganas de Vivir (Eager to Live), that will be released in May, I also participated with Canal 13 in Chile with some programs and now this cycle of programs on CNN en Español that are 10 spaces. All the people who have kindly accepted my invitation to participate have a great deal to reflect upon. This has been a very different year for mankind, it had been a century since we last had a situation like this," he expressed.

For the first time, Kreutzberger, in addition to being the interviewer will also contribute his reflections on the show,

He used the occasion to thank Cynthia Hudson, SVP and general manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/US, the opportunity to do Don Francisco: Reflexiones 2021, and also Camilo Egaña, since the show will be aired on the space of Egaña's program while he is on vacation.