Pavel Friedmann, Géraldine Gonard, José Iñesta and Angélica Lares: Reorganize and propose these events in a different way

It's mandatory to rethink events
Aliana González, Mexico City|18 de septiembre de 2020

Géraldine Gonard, director of Inside Content (Conecta Fiction and OnSeries), commented on the PRODU webinar that the audiovisual sector has suffered a great deal during the pandemic, and that was reflected on the event budget. She stated that in the future, it will probably be necessary to rethink markets. "A formula might be to bet on massiveness that allows the use of digital without losing the face-to-face possibility".

She explained that sponsors have had less capability to invest in promotion and that support of the public sector has also decreased because that financing goes hand in hand with the impact that the event will have in the city or country.

“We must reorganize and propose these events in a different way, with smaller budgets and adapted to the income that can be obtained," said Gonard.

Pavel Friedmann stated that a virtual event is certainly less costly than a face-to-face one, because of meals, spaces, and so many other things, but that it is necessary to find a way to compensate the organizers.

“Instead of charging a commission for the total of what is spent, we have posed to charge a value for the idea, the development, and the work behind it. This earthquake we are experiencing has meant reorganizing and rethinking many things," he said.

José Iñesta, director of Pixelatl, commented that in the event they organized, they changed the sponsors, and instead of having physical spaces, parties, or dinners, they sponsored activities, videos, or place banners. "For us, the online event was as expensive as a face-to-face one," he furthered.

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