Iván Bargueiras

Iván Bargueiras of Discovery: Our partnership with Batanga aims to tell clients stories in a relevant way

Cynthia Plohn|06 de julio de 2016

Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic recently signed a business agreement with Batanga Media, which means that Discovery will be representing the digital company advertising sales in the pan regional market from Miami, and in the Colombian market.

The partnership aims to brand integration by creating videos and articles altogether, which Batanga Media will distribute throughout social platforms like Facebook and in its web sites.

"Nobody knows how to tell stories in television as Discovery does, but we needed a partner to give us scale and digital audiences, and Batanga Media is excellent for that, because its attributes are aligned both to the real life based content that distinguishes Discovery Channel and the life style of Discovery Home & Health. The objective is to tell our client’s stories in a relevant way for the audience" told to PRODU Ivan Bargueiras, VP executive Advertising Sales at Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic.

According to Bargueiras, this agreement means for advertisers a data base that allows to see what is really working for the target audiences, or for those they are trying to reach.

"I’m not simply trying to reach men between 18 to 34 years old, but how to talk to them, know what they really like to share and comment. That’s the information we have together with Batanga Media, and it goes beyond banners and pre-roll videos, it’s about content integration" he explained.