Iván Calle, Executive Creative Director of Zubi Advertising

Iván Calle of Zubi Advertising: Agencies Must Be Strong On Ideas

05 de febrero de 2019

Iván Calle, Executive Creative Director of Zubi Advertising, is confident that Hispanic agencies will not disappear. “These agencies must gradually evolve, be strong on ideas, and in that way make sure they won’t disappear. But it is clear that the Hispanic market we know today will be different tomorrow” he said during an EN VIVO interview for PRODU.

"We come from a Hispanic background. As we make progress, we become more multicultural, as do our clients,” he said. “We have seen ideas from the agency that have ended up in the general market. As the market evolves, clients finally understand that we are not stereotypes and that we Hispanics interact with the entire cultural diversity of the US. It’s a mix and I think they are beginning to understand this and make use of it. Therefore, I do see a significant evolution."

He noted that artificial intelligence (AI) is an important trend and that brands are getting very much involved in social change. "There are brands that are doing it very well while others are more expedient, and this doesn´t work out so well. I also think we will see fewer products and more brands. I think stories are gaining a lot of strength and that influencers continue reinventing themselves and truly drive brands in an amazing way," he added.

Calle said it’s important to keep data in mind, but doesn´t think it’s the Bible. "Sometimes summarizing people´s feelings in numbers is very complicated. I think it should be a guide. At any rate, today’s creatives are totally on board with this - it’s part of an agency’s DNA. Creativity today is applied to many things in many more fields. Ideas continue to be the core of everything, plus we have more media to deploy and interpret them.”