Emmanuel Donati, Managing Director at Jamendo

Jamendo Offers to Independent Artists a New Source of Revenue

29 de agosto de 2017

With an innovative vision and 10 years of experience in Europe comes Jamendo, an independent music platform that finds revenue and exposure to U.S. artist.  

“Jamendo provides a solution, not replacing the PRO but providing a choice for the artist, an alternative that works. Jamendo is profitable and pay artists directly” says Emmanuel Donati, Managing Director at Jamendo.

According to a press release explanation, Jamendo expressed there is something wrong with the copyright model, in which only 7% of the streaming revenue go to artists, leaving labels and intermediaries the biggest slice with no transparency. However, with Jamendo, this percentage can reach up to 65% with its licensing platform. In fact, the platform has sold more than 35,000 licenses worldwide.

Any professional looking for music for its multimedia project (ads, movies, etc.), or for in-store music can directly buy music from musicians worldwide” says the release, adding that “prestigious brands such as Ford, Nestlé, Sony, Huawei or Mercedes-Benz trusted Jamendo for their advertisements, and global retailers such as United Colors of Benetton, McDonald's or Swatch enhance their in-store atmosphere thanks to the music platform.