Jason Silva, host and consulting producer of Origins

Jason Silva host of Nat Geo: Origins is my second project with National Geographic
04 de abril de 2017

The series Origins (10x60’), that has its debut on the Nat Geo Mundo screen in the US on April 8 at 9pm, is Jason Silva´s second project with National Geographic.

“I am very happy to be working in Nat Geo on my second program with them. I did five seasons of Brain games that was watched in 170 countries and in more than 46 languages. They have been fantastic partners,” expressed the host of Venezuelan origin who studied Film and Philosophy in the US.

He expressed that Origins is a tour through the history of humankind. “With incredibly produced and visually striking historical recreations. We shot in South Africa for 75 days to recreate key historical moments related with things like transportation, medicine, among others. You feel like you are watching a film. That is the level of this production,” he comments.

He said his series of Internet capsules, Shots of Awe, which became a viral phenomenon, was what led National Geographic to be interested in hiring him.

“What I love about social networks is that, regardless of how big my main platform is, if someone sees my content on Twitter, the Nat Geo channel, YouTube, or Facebook, they can connect with a community I created based on the interest in the content I make. On my Facebook page, I have direct access to more than a million people who have identified with my content,” he ended.