Mexican director Javier Solar

Javier Solar director of El Vato: El Dasa has been a huge revelation that surprises us every day
16 de junio de 2016

Javier Solar, Mexican director who has specialized in superseries, told PRODU that El Dasa, the norteño singer who stars in El Vato was a revelation, because not being a professional actor, he had turned out to be a natural one. "He is charismatic and trusts himself. He is an artist! Since day 2 he has surprised us and each continues to do so. He is a naturally-born actor” said Solar during one of the recordings in Los Angeles. Solar began directing series with Los Simuladores, the Mexican version that Televisa and Sony made of an original Telefe story. Since then he hasn’t stopped, he has already made 10 series. "The series has a great deal of realism, comedy, drama. It addressed a lot of people, particularly those living in the USA, where thousands have arrived following a dream” he expressed. The grand finale of NBC Universo´s original scripted series, El Vato, will be this Sunday, June 19 starting at 10pm ET/9C.