Jill Leccia

Jill Leccia of Gatorade: We Develop New Technologies for Our Consumers

20 de septiembre de 2019

Gatorade Latin America’s Senior Marketing Director Jill Leccia said this region is one of the brand’s biggest, most important markets. "Sports are at the heart of Gatorade, which was born on a playing field. In Latin America we think soccer is the greatest sport and want to be part of its excitement. Delivering energy to athletes is one of the things we do. We also work with marathons, athletics and other sports, and use such events to bring the Gatorade experience to the end consumer.”

Generation Z is now one of the brand’s most important audiences because its members are starting to do sports and follow them in a different way. That’s why the marketing targeting them has switched almost completely to digital. "Most of our campaigns have a strong investment in social networks and we are also developing new technologies for our consumers,” Leccia said. “For example, we launched free technology for coaches so they can get certified and have more tools to do a better job. We have many allies in the project, such as sports psychologists and nutritionists, who help us compile material with a positive impact on the world of sports."

She noted several important trends that grab the brand’s attention, one being the Internet of Things: “Today’s athletes are not simply people who play with a ball. Data and the analytical aspect are extremely important. There is a vast technology and much equipment that measure how you´re doing. When you take a look at marketing and what is going on at a digital level, audiences today are following sports on many more media than just television. The penetration of smartphones is huge in Latin America and the digital connection with consumers is growing nonstop."