Jim McNamara, VP at Hemisphere
Jim McNamara from Hemisphere: We start to operate Canal Uno from Colombia on May 1st
06 de diciembre de 2016

After winning the concession, Colombia´s Canal Uno, the third open TV network in that country, will be operated by the consortium comprised by Yamid Amat from CMI; Daniel Coronell from NTC; Patricio Wills and his partner from RTI; and Alan Sokol and Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere.

Back from Colombia and Panama, McNamara was interviewed on VIVO by Richard Izarra, Editor-in-Chief at PRODU, where he commented that the idea of the channel started in Natpe 2016.

The network will start operations around mid 2017. "We start to operate on May 1st," assured McNamara.

The concession was granted nationwide for 10 years. The channel covers 93% of the country and is in every cable and satellite system. "We are thrilled with what this channel represents. Colombia is a tremendous market, not just locally, but also as an exporter".

The idea is to give the Colombian audience a new offer, another TV screen. Te content they are producing is conceived for multimedia. "Television in Colombia is very good, what we intend to do is an alternative. The competition concept is not our goal".