Jimmy Quiñones of Metric Marketing: A creative strategist should be curious, ingenious and inspiring
Liz Unamo|13 de julio de 2022

For Jimmy Quiñones, creative strategist of Metric Marketing, some of the skills needed to qualify for that job include a sense of curiosity, being ingenious and having the gift of inspiring creatives to delve deeply into a client’s business problems to find the many ways of defining them.

“A creative strategy has to be ingenious. We don’t always have many tools to find different perspectives that help us resolve a business problem. This is when our spirit of survival comes into play. It’s not all about data, there are other ways to get a better idea of what is really going on,” Quiñones said.

The creative with more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry has worked for a number of multinational agencies including Havas Worldwide, Leo Burnett, FCB and Proximity BBDO.

One bit of advice he offers to be effective in an advertising career is to get away from that office desk and walk the streets and stores to mix with the public, since that can provide more information than any data report. “Finally, but no less important, a creative strategy must be inspiring. When we develop a creative briefing for the creative team, they ought to feel enthusiastic about the opportunity we’re putting n the table.”

With almost two years of experience working with Metric Marketing in the Canadian market, he has developed brands in the education segment.

“Metric Marketing has shown me that we can be creative in whatever sector, and that every brand faces completely different challenges and very singular solutions. This company has also taught me that data are essential, but we shouldn’t get obsessed with them. We must understand the human component behind all that complexity. Data are worthless if they don’t reveal that element,” Quiñones warned.

Current challenges
The creative recalled that the advertising industry undergoes constant changes. “One of the changes is to recognize that ideas don’t belong to agencies. There are creators of content with powerful messages on multiple platforms that are organically produced with a budget of $0 but with high rates of commitment. People don’t like ads. If brands are aware of that dynamic, we can produce ideas that are more human, honest and that captivate the public.”

Another challenge the industry faces consists of the many extant causes (LGBT0+, METOO Movement, Black Lives Matter, etc.) and the need to unite with them under any circumstances due to the fear brands have of the cancel culture. “I think it’s important for the brand’s culture to be part of the conversation, since such a statement can be supported with something real and not just an Instagram post. Brands have to live and experience that on the inside to express it on the outside,” Quiñones said