Mónica Cardona, VP of Colombia Operations at JK Film & TV Productions: Already working on several projects where Colombia will be present

JK Film & TV Productions: We celebrate today the decision we made three years ago of being part of Colombia’s market
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|25 de agosto de 2021

For three years, JK Film & TV Productions has had a presence in the Colombian market. “It is a decision that we celebrate today because the business of the television industry in this country in recent years has opened an important path and has a great future, of which we want to be part. Unquestionably it is an industry on the rise,” said Mónica Cardona, VP of Colombia Operations at JK Film & TV Productions.

She emphasized that they are motivated by promoting employment. “Colombian talent is highly demanded its quality, we want to continue betting on it and supporting the country. Our clients are looking at Colombia. It is a very interesting marketplace due to its locations, competitive costs, technical infrastructure, human capital, and strategic geographic location. There is a lot of potentials and there are many opportunities.”

For JK Film & TV Productions, as for all production companies, this has been a very difficult year due to the pandemic, but they are optimistic about the revival of the industry. "We are already working on several projects where Colombia will be present," she pointed out.

The production company has two projects under development in Colombia. The first is a reality competition with beauty queens and the second is a fictional, story of college friends who meet after 10 years, that would have to face a sequence of tragedies that leads them to confront each other in order to survive. "It is a story of the talented writer Sergio Jablón," she said.

Cardona explained that the incentives for production that Colombia grants have undoubtedly contributed to the boom in the industry. “Tax incentives issued on the Law 1556 of 2012 attract many investors who seek higher profitability than those offered by other destinations such as the United States or Mexico. For example, the law provides for the return of money invested in production services and also in hotel and meals expenses, this makes it very attractive. Today there are many players, international and national, interested in this market.”

Cardona labeled Bogota, Cali, and Medellín as three highly desirable locations for filming. “Bogotá is a city prepared for large productions, it has a very good technical infrastructure, as well as highly trained personnel for filming movies, television series and commercials. The Coffee Axis with its magical natural settings and Cartagena also stand out. Colombia is a privileged country, where different, creative, and competitive productions can be achieved”, she concluded.