Michelle Alban of ViacomCBS, actor John Leguizamo, producer Frida Torresblanco and Manolo Cardona of 11:11 Films & TV

John Leguizamo and producer Frida Torresblanco work on the project about Emma Coronel, Chapo's wife
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|12 de noviembre de 2021

One of the projects that actor, writer, and producer John Leguizamo and producer Frida Torresblanco are currently working on developing the story about Emma Coronel, Chapo's wife. Leguizamo and Torresblanco participated in the talk “International programming: Creating content for global streamers” during Natpe Streaming+. "It's like a Latin version of The Sopranos, but from the woman's point of view," Leguizamo said.

The panel was moderated by ViacomCBS's Michelle Alban, and also featured Manolo Cardona, actor (Who killed Sara? and Narcos) and co-founder and Executive VP of 11:11 Films & TV. Both Leguizamo, Torresblanco and Cardona have or are working on projects with ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS).

Cardona spoke about the first option agreement he just signed with VIS and expressed his satisfaction of working with the studio to bring content from Latin America to the world. He said that they are looking for great stories, different people with different ideas that can go from the local to global. "I love having an incredible team with leading talent in every department.”

Leguizamo wishes that 20% of the stories on the screen and the executives who make decisions are Latino. “I need executives who look like me able to approve these projects. Latinos have so many stories to tell. For instance, only in the United States, there have been Latinos participating in each of the wars throughout history. Let the best stories win. We have so much more to give: in sports, movies with Latino superheroes," he said.