Univisión’s talent in bathing suits, in the jingle interpreted by Paulina Rubio

Joni Fernández, VP of On-Air Development of Univisión, led execution of summer jingle

14 de junio de 2011

Joni Fernández, VP of On-Air Development of Univisión led the execution of the network’s first ever summer promotional jingle in the U.S. Joni was also the executive producer. Univisión’s talent, dressed in summer clothes and bathing suits, enjoys the sun, the beach and the pool to the beat of the song Cuando calienta el sol, interpreted by Paulina Rubio. Sylvia Bayón was the senior producer. Daniel Godoy and José Bravo directed it under the executives Luis Fernández and Ronald Day. It was a production of the On-Air Development department of Univisión. The jingle premiered in primetime last Thursday, June 9th. {Watch the jingle in HD;quick.produ.com/av/UnivisionVerano-Jun11/VeranoHD.mov} - {Watch the video in standard definition;www.produ.tv/popup.html?noti=5165&id=52982&link=av/UnivisionVerano-Jun11/Verano.mp4} - {Watch the jingle on your mobile device;quick.produ.com/av/UnivisionVerano-Jun11/VeranoMovil.mov}