Jordan Lintz

Jordan Lintz of HighKey Enterprises: TikTok is one of the fastest growing social networks of all time
25 de octubre de 2022

Predicted for the next six years is a growth in the market of managing social media that reaches sales of $63.3 trillion. Jordan Lintz, chief marketing officer of HighKey Enterprises, said that for companies, the management of social networks is essential.

“Social media and influencer marketing is something you have been hearing and something you will continue to hear talked about for the next ten plus years,” he said. ”Creating a brand online is essential, specifically on Instagram. By utilizing social media, companies can cast a wide net and connect to people from all over the world. Broadening your reach is crucial for attracting more customers and clients because it introduces the brand to people who would otherwise never come in contact with it. By reaching a mass audience and maintaining these solid connections online, businesses can establish themselves at the forefront of their respective industry.”

As for the speed of growth of advertising on social networks, Lintz said that the pandemic modified the consumer’s pattern of viewing.

“The global social media advertising market is expected to reach $262 billion by 2028, up from $103 billion in 2020, according to a new report by Million Insights,” Lintz said. “Predictions from App Annie’s 2022 Mobile Forecast Report suggest TikTok especially could experience the most growth and remains heightened in the wake of the pandemic. We found that to be true at HighKey Enterprises. According to data, TikTok has been one of the fastest growing social apps of all time, set to reach the lofty figure in as little as 34 quarters since launch. Much of this, of course, has been driven by increased and consistent engagement throughout the confines of home during consecutive coronavirus lockdowns worldwide.”

Though modern technologies like machine learning and AI have their impact, when it comes to managing social networks, according to Lintz, the human factor is key to the equation.

“Today, AI can create social media posts for you. It can draft and target social ads. It can automate monitoring. And it powers most of what you see on any given social network. However, there is nothing like the human touch when conducting social media. Artificial Intelligence can’t get ‘creative.’ Social media management has always been about creativity, and the most successful businesses utilize humans to manage their social media. In my opinion, modern day technologies such as machine learning and AI can’t substitute what a human can do,” Lintz said.