Jorge Arrizurieta of Americano Media: Our streaming platform will fill a vacancy in the Hispanic community
04 de agosto de 2022

Americano Media, the first conservative network in Spanish, announced that its most popular radio programs are now available on video through all the main streaming providers and through its Americano Media app.

“For too long there has been an enormous lack of content for the Latino community in the U.S. and the same for the entire region. But this market gets bigger all the time. For that reason our main focus is on Latin America, above all on important political and social matters like the midterm elections,” said Jorge Arrizurieta, president of Americano Media.

On the way to the U.S. midterms, Latin Americans have been said to represent almost 20 percent of the electorate. This number is growing, as is the diversity of political trends across the country.

A recent survey of Hispanic voters taken by the Wall Street Journal showed a division of some 37 percent each between Democrats and Republicans, with 22 percent of voters undecided, which marks a significant change compared with the estimated 69 percent who voted for the Democratic candidate in 2018. According to NBC News, the 2020 elections resulted in a dramatic increase of 18.7 million Hispanic voters, proof of the great interest in national politics this important group has developed.

“The choices that exist in the market are, quite honestly, on the left and with news reported with that subjectivity. For that reason I believe that our content has been so well received and we have had a natural growth,” Arrizurieta said.

In that sense, Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, founder and executive director of Americano Media, said that “Americano Media is a network created by Hispanics to offer Hispanics a trustworthy source of news. With the contributions that Hispanics are making to the U.S., we knew a need existed to create a news network that offered our community the uncensored truth".

The new service will have exclusive television programming presented by such conservative personalities as Lourdes Ubieta, Dania Alexandrino, Lucia Navarro and Nelson Rubio – previously with Radio Mambi, a conservative radio station in Miami, recently acquired by leftist multimillionaire George Soros.
Arrizurieta said that their mission is to offer credible, unbiased news by these personalities whose work has won such respect from viewers.
To that idea Garcia-Hidalgo added that “Americano Media is moving farther away from Democrats and more toward Republicans. “With this change, which began with the successful policies of President Trump, Americano will make sure that the Hispanic vote will focus strongly on conservative values.”