Jorge Jácome

Jorge Jácome of Zubi: We must use NFTs to send original new messages to consumers
24 de abril de 2022

Jorge Jácome, creative director at Zubi, says that from his position he is out to raise the agency’s level of creativity. “I love coming up with ideas, it’s a daily challenge. But you have to get out on the court to play sports with the others to keep your brain working and not let it get all rusty,” he said.

After nine years with Zubi, Jacome says he likes working there because it allows for a balance between work and one’s personal life. He acknowledges that Ivan Calle, VP executive creative director, makes it a place that demands exploration, and that this balance between work and good living is transmitted in the final result of the advertising it produces.

“Apart from being talented people, these are good people. They create a community, a family, and so are calm and pleasant to one another,” Jacome said.

As for the accounts they manage, he explained that Calle is at the head of it all. Sabrina Ochoa, also on the board at Zubi, handles the Chase account, while by her side, he manages the Lincoln and Ford accounts. Though the latter, he said, is divided by projects. As for the latter brand, he recalled with satisfaction a project in which the company targeted women and so, from the brief to the final campaign, gender equality was of the essence.
About that matter, Jacome considers it necessary to practice constant self-evaluation with open doors in order to hear what is going on, however annoying that might be, or to see if someone is not being fair.

Finally, Jácome offered his ideas about a post-pandemic scenario and the introduction of NFTs.

In his opinion, the months of Covid-19 showed that one can do remote work very effectively. And as for the NFTs, he saw it as a new platform and a new opportunity for brands to remain relevant.

“It’s a new medium for creating original ideas,” he said. “But you don’t do it just to do it, but to create something original and fun that you use to send folks messages that are totally new,” he said.