Jorge Luzio

Jorge Luzio of Minute Maid: Aguas Frescas is inspired by what a delight it is to be Latino
23 de septiembre de 2022

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Minute Maid Aguas Frescas and Daniel Suarez of Coca-Cola Racing won attention with a unique presentation of decoratively painted racing cars for the 2022 Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500.

“Aguas Frescas began as a really refreshing product. Refreshing AF, playing with the interest that Generation Z has in finding non-traditional juices, not the traditional ones they’re used to drinking. What we want to offer them is a brand inspired by Latin American fruit juices and soft drinks, making them mainstream and cool for youngsters with refreshing flavors like hibiscus flower, mango and strawberry,” said Jorge Luzio, group director at Minute Maid.

In that regard, he said they were out to revolutionize the category to give it new relevance through such emotions, flavors and traditions as the new generations find attractive.

This is happening while a penetration of traditional juice drinks has been observed in U.S. restaurants with a growth of 46 percent, especially among members of Generation Z.

Minute Maid Aguas Frescas is real juice inspired by global tastes and has half the calories of a typical juice drink.

As for the alliance with Nascar, Luzio explained that a partnership had been sought between two iconic American brands, again for the purpose of attracting the new generations. And Daniel Suarez of Coca-Cola Racing forms part of that car-racing family.

“In such an important month for Hispanics, we wanted to join forces with another that has also been addressing this audience,” Suarez said. “The AF acronym allows us to express different emotions like ‘speedy AF, Latino AF, proudAF.’ We understand the importance of speaking to the new multicultural generations.”

Luzio noted that big plans are afoot for the brand and that more than 80 percent of the budget will be invested in innovative promotions through different channels and formats.

“Aguas Frescas is here to stay. The results have been outstanding. We’re inspired by what a delight it is to be Latino: daring, refreshing and with a very different point of view,” he said.

Finally, Luzio recalled that Minute Maid has been on the market for over 75 years, with a particular standing in the Hispanic community. “We’ve always spoken with them and now we want to speak with the younger generations - and we’ve had some truly important results, with a comparative classification of 204 percent with Generation Z and 185 percent with Hispanics,” he concluded.