Jorge Plasencia, President and CEO of Republica Hava
Jorge Plasencia of Republica Havas: The Importance of Giving Brands a Touch of Latino Culture
24 de junio de 2019

Jorge Plasencia, President and CEO of Republica Havas, for whom being Hispanic influences almost everything he does, said that if the Hispanic market in the U.S. were an economy of its own, it would be the seventh largest in the world ahead of such major markets as India, Brazil, Italy and Canada.

One thing that drives Plasencia, he said, is the fact that there’s still so much opportunity to educate marketers about “Latin culture and what drives us.”

Plasencia, who was co-host of Leon Latinx: Hispanics in Cannes, a discussion panel at Cannes Lions on how Latino culture influences the advertising industry today, said the event was centered on the depth, cultural nuances and sheer size of the segment, and endeavored to leave his attendees with the idea that "a culturally relevant Hispanic and multicultural strategy is a business imperative."

He said that regarding changes, he sees an improvement in the support the industry is providing in such areas as diversity and inclusion. "But we still have a way to go. I would like to see more people of diverse backgrounds in leadership roles across the industry," he said.