José Aguilar, CCO at Wing

José Aguilar From Wing: Our Duty Is To Spread A Message Of Tolerance And Peace For Southern Poverty Law Center

02 de mayo de 2017

The fact that racism and discrimination are haunting American conscience motivated the campaign Vets Fight Hate, developed by Wing for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The topic of immigration is a close subject to Wing, as the vast majority of us are immigrants" explained to PRODU José Aguilar, CCO of the agency.

For this initiative, the Southern Poverty Law Center partnered with veterans, since approximately 11% of all U.S. veterans come from an immigrant background, added the agency. "Given the continued growing hostility against the immigrant population, we felt it was our duty to spread a message of tolerance and peace" dice Aguilar.

Through the Vets Fight Hate campaign, immigrant veterans are responding to hateful tweets by sending an inclusive message of peace and unity to impact positively our fractured society and fight back the hate. Veterans are fighting for tolerance, join our struggle and help us fight the hatred.

“We knew we had to make a creative execution that could cut through the clutter of the numerous conversations around immigration, so many of which are unfortunately negative" says Aguilar.

The team responsible for this campaign on behalf of Wing/Grey Group included: Pepe Aguilar, CCO; Facundo Paglia, Creative Director; Marc Duran, Director; Associate Creative; John Jardine, Associate Account Director; Isabella Escalon, Tomas Salazar and Martín De Ferrari, Copywriters; Yesenia Velez and Nadina Steimberg, Producers. The production company was Townhouse and post-production by Bernardo Revilla from Storefront Project.