José Suaste

Jose Suaste of Fluent360: Hijacking pop culture is the new best way to reach the multicultural market

Liz Unamo / Manuela Walfenzao|22 de agosto de 2019

According to Executive Creative Director Jose Suaste of Fluent360, the best way to reach multicultural markets in 2019 is with anything that allows marketers to hijack pop culture: “We need to become part of the conversation however we can, in a positive way of course. And for me, voice is where it’s at right now. Getting brands to take advantage of SIRI and ALEXA to reach multicultural consumers is the next big thing," he said.

Regarding the importance of language in addressing multicultural audiences, Suaste noted that talking their language is not enough because "our consumers are more than the language they speak."

“The real question is whether we’ve chosen the best angle to reach our target audience. Language is important and I do believe it should lead the consumer along the entire path to the point of purchase, but we have to remember that language is simply a tool and not an idea. As marketers, we have to make sure our strategy is multidimensional as well as multicultural," he said.

Suaste, who took part in the Rosé & Rum forum of the U.S. Hispanic Creative Circle, rated the experience as “amazing”. Events like that, said the executive, not only raise an agency’s profile, but also help it recruit inspiring young minds. "It’s just great to see how ads affect people in unique ways, and I’m always up for a good debate," Suaste added.