Joshua Manopla

Joshua Manopla of Topline: To create relevant content we must be empathetic
Liz Unamo|02 de noviembre de 2021

The Topline agency is launching a new business unit dubbed Contenidos (Content), with two projects already underway and six more set to hit the market in 2022.  

Contenidos Manager Joshua Manopla announced that the agency is currently readying two big multiplatform projects. First will come Super Mama’s @supermamas.panama focused on all Panamanian moms, and which, regardless of what stage of motherhood its viewers have reached or how old their kids are, provides them with a wealth of information, entertainment and above all, connections with other mothers.

The second project is Buenos Sabores, which means Good Flavors and will appeal to all food lovers, who without being either chefs or foodies, enjoy good cooking and are always looking to find and learn how to make something new for a tastier world.

“For 2022 we have come up with a lot of super-interesting content, among which I will go ahead and announce 40 Weeks of Love, a project targeting pregnant women; Fearlessly to Success, which will be a learning contest; Intercollegiate Gamer League, Children’s Soccer Cup, Princesses’ Walk and Super Heroes,” Joshua said.

Empathy is an essential element for Topline’s Contenidos team. “We couldn’t create relevant content without putting ourselves in our audience’s shoes and considering their real needs, what interests them and what they want to see.”