Sarah Casson, Head of Studio and Joston Theney, Commercial director, JK Media Studios

Joston Theney and Sarah Casson from JK Media Studios present the 16,000 square feet studio facilities in Los Angeles
12 de junio de 2022

Joston Theney, Commercial director, and Sarah Casson, Head of Studio, both from JK Media Studios presented on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra the facilities of the three sets that make up JK Media Studios in Los Angeles, with a total space of 16,000 feet square feet.

Theney presented studios 1 and 3, of 4,750 and 1,667 square feet, respectively. Regarding studio 1, he mentioned it is equipped with a pre-lit cyclorama with Quasar LED lights that allows you to go from natural light to tungsten light with the flick of a switch. He detailed that each roof beam in the studio ceiling can bear up to 300 pounds. “It allows the production to customize their own light and complement what we have here in pre-lighting” he highlighted. He said that the studio additionally has two mobile makeup stations, as well as a dressing room.

He added that studio 1 comes with many amenities, such as an outside patio that is used as a dining room and a shaded outdoor area that can be used by the talents while they wait. “It is one of the few studios that offer an outdoor deck" he explained.

Theney mentioned that studio 3, albeit it is the smallest, is one of the coolest. It is 1,667 square feet and has a full kitchen with three ovens, and it can be used for photo sessions. It also has a great deal of natural light.

Casson presented studio 2, measuring 2,300 square feet, “it is half the size of studio 1” he furthered. The pre-lit cyclorama is 564 square feet and is painted white, but may be painted any color the client needs for his production. He commented that the studio includes makeup and hair rooms, dressing rooms, and a VIP bathroom with a shower for talents.

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