Writer Juan Camilo Ferrand: The creation of new contents is a speculation exercise

Juan Camilo Ferrand: Seeking inspiration
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|05 de junio de 2020

A new book, the script for a film finished two months ago, and the publication of the second part of Memorias de Una Soltera Mexicana, by his partner and wife, Ana Bolena Meléndez, are some of the developments that keep the Colombian writer, Juan Camilo Ferrand, busy.

Ferrand, author of hits such as Pablo Escobar, el Patrón del Mal; El Cartel, and La Bella y las Bestias; highlights that they have been sending projects to the industry, related with the creation of new contents.

According to Ferrand, the best way to go through the current juncture is seeking inspiration. "And I don`t mean sitting in front of the computer to generate plots, but to dedicate time to playful activities that help foster creativity, connect with the artist or let the inner child out. Allow yourself to set aside your superego and find lost readings or give yourself permission to watch television, venture into a new hobby or go out for work without the guilt of thinking that, meanwhile, the others don't stop writing".

He feels that the creation of new content is a speculation exercise and under this premise, he believes it is valid, from the perspective of creators facing a new scenario, "to continue thinking and speculating about content that simplifies production, maintaining quality. Does this mean to have characters that do not share a physical space? I don`t know. I could also bet on another variable: for the characters to share that physical space and concentrate there during the shootings. In the end, as usual, I think there is space for everything".